Personalised chocolate

Your needs and requirements

Are you looking for an original gift that is representative of your company ? A gift that you will be pleased and proud to present to your customers and co-workers ? Concept Chocolate has just what you are looking for !

As a seasonal present or a promotional gift, personalised chocolate is an exquisite medium for your image! Presented in a box in your colours, it will convey your message in a very user-friendly way.

Concept Chocolate, the specialist in personalised chocolate, when it comes to shape, flavour, packaging and price !

Our philosophy

Our business philosophy is based on the personalisation of our products: caraques or pralines with your company logo, 2D and 3D objects, custom packaging for parties and special events. Chocolate sculptured in your image is not only a delicious, pleasurable product but also an outstanding means of communication and promotion.

There are numerous occasions to have pleasure and give pleasure: business parties, promotional presents, seasonal gifts, new product launches, marketing campaigns, special events, seminars, fairs, press releases … or simply as a gift to your visitors and co-workers… give pleasure … The whole process is done by hand, in compliance with the great traditions of Belgian chocolate making.


Answering the following questions

  • What is the project? Birthday, party, new product launch, seasonal gift? For customers or co-workers?
  • Where? When? How much?
  • Total budget or itemised budget?
  • Two or three dimensions? Caraques or pralines?
  • Personalised packaging?

Your Project  

Once the occasion has been determined, we draw up a free quote based on your needs in terms of quantities and budget. We propose ideas and concrete solutions tailored to your expectations in a clear and precise description. These complete solutions cover every aspect of the transaction: personalised chocolate, packaging, overpackaging and shipping. Delivery terms and payment conditions are clearly established. A free quote, a complete solution




Technical aspects of pre-production  

This step is completed in two strides: the personalised chocolate and its packaging.


The chocolate

We can offer a 2D caraque sporting your logo. Personalisation in high-relief (design projecting from the chocolate) or low-relief engraving (design cut into the chocolate).

Almost anything is possible. All we need is a bromide print, a high-quality drawing or preferably a high-resolution digital file (eps – pdf – jpeg) showing the design. For technical reasons, the drawing must be in black and white – or it must be easily converted to black and white – not screened, without grey shadings or vignette. We adapt the drawing to the chosen size for the chocolate to produce the moulds needed to create chocolates engraved with your design. A design in black and white. For pralines – the 3D approach – a 2D drawing is not enough. We need a full-size object to be able to produce the mould. An object to scale


The packaging

Your chocolate can be presented individually in sealed transparent packaging, which can be offered with coffee during meetings, at your stand at a fair or during sales promotions. But to draw attention to your personalised chocolate and leverage maximum impact from your communication, we can also present them in personalised packaging that bears your message. From a mini-box with one or two chocolates to a large box with several drawers, from a traditional box to transparent mica, there is a whole variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials to choose from, based on quantity and budgets. We also take care of printing your packaging.




Production to shipping

Polymer and plastic moulds are used in the production of personalised chocolate. The packaging is selected with or without printing. Films are needed for printing. We can even create new forms of packaging specially for you. The quantities are determined and the delivery times set. We have everything in hand. We now get down to producing and packaging your chocolate. You don’t have to worry about a thing. With your agreement, we set the collection or delivery conditions. Would you like us to take care of shipping? Not a problem. Would you like special overpackaging for the shipment of a large quantity by post? Not a problem.

Caraque : plain chocolate

Personalised chocolates, engraved or sculptured, come in many different aspects, dimensions and tastes. Caraque, a practical, relatively robust 2D product.

Caraque is a full (solid) chocolate with personalised shape and graphics based on the logo or the name of the customer. The approach is typically two-dimensional, based on personalisation with the motif of your choosing, which is engraved on the chocolate in high or low relief. Caraque is made of fondant (dark), milk or white chocolate. It can be enriched with fragments of cocoa beans, ground coffee beans, cinnamon or fragments of pistachio nuts.

The shelf life of caraque – the period in which it can be safely consumed – is more than six months. That makes it a relatively robust product that is especially well suited as a business gift.

Praline : chocolate with filling

Pralines, a more sophisticated but more delicate 3D product

Pralines are filled chocolates. Personalisation is based on a creation in three dimensions. Sculpture or copying of an object in actual size makes it possible to embody a customer’s product (car, bag, medical instrument, etc) in chocolate. Pralines comprise an outer shell of fondant, milk or white chocolate. The inside, the filling, is based on a recipe using such ingredients as fresh cream, butter, marzipan, alcohol, hazelnuts, caramel or candied fruit. There are two traditional recipes: praliné (butter cream with hazelnut or almond paste) and ganache (heated fresh cream and chocolate). The filling makes pralines a more delicate product than caraques.

The shelf life varies from two to six weeks, depending on the ingredients.

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