Our business philosophy is based on the personalisation of our products: caraques or pralines with your company logo, 2D and 3D objects, custom packaging for parties and special events.
Personalised chocolates and packaging.

Chocolate sculptured in your image is not only a delicious, pleasurable product but also an outstanding means of communication and promotion.

Chocolate: a new communication tool

There are numerous occasions to have pleasure and give pleasure: business parties, promotional presents, seasonal gifts, new product launches, marketing campaigns, special events, seminars, fairs, press releases
… or simply as a gift to your visitors and co-workers… give pleasure … All our ingredients are natural: chocolate, fresh cream, butter, sugar, hazelnuts, flour, marzipan, etc. Colouring and preservatives are not allowed. The whole process is done by hand, in compliance with the great traditions of Belgian chocolate making.

Traditional Belgian chocolate, 100% cocoa butter.