You are probably wondering what the minimum order is for personalised chocolates. The thing is, there isn’t one, though there are a couple of provisos…

No such thing as minimum quantities

The production of a mould represents a one-off cost, which is payable with the first order. You can then place all subsequent orders by weight, without being obliged to order a minimum quantity.

1 ton? 1 kg? Not a problem.

Gift packages are a little different however. Concept Chocolate has a wide range of packaging solutions in stock, everything from small shiny cardboard boxes and transparent mica to cellophane bags. For these, there is no minimum order obligation.

That means you can order a selection of different products combining gifts to suit different budgets.

Printing: 1000 pieces minimum

For special packaging pr packaging sporting your colours the minimum quantity is 1000 pieces. Of course, printing costs are very high for small runs, but they fall considerably as the quantity increases.